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ccBegin is our first and simplest starter solution.

It leverages all aspects of our product strategy and is built to be a great launch-pad for any project.

Like all of out starter solutions it comes with a flexible interface, dynamic navigation, easy user management, and elegant graphing. This particular solution is also founded in the principle that some systems need to start with just the basics, done flawlessly, with nothing unnecessary.

We have included a robust customer and company section, giving you the ability to track your customers (or members, or partners, or whatever you refer to those people and organizations you need to keep close track of).

There is also a powerful invoicing section for tracking all the work done, and what revenue you generate with it. This can be used for simple time based invoicing, ad-hoc product sales or any other financial transaction you need to keep track of.

There is also a time clock for keeping track of staff time in a simple way, cleanly stored so you can integrate it with whatever payroll pro time management system you have or wish to build.

See the other sections for more detail on how to use the complete system.

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