FileMaker Go & Mobile Development

Mobile, like web browsers, is simply another platform for deployment. Yet unlike web based deployment, FIleMaker gives us an additional tool in the application FileMaker Go. When designing a solution for a mobile workforce you have to consider not only the device it is used on, but what the environment it will be used in is. Will there be reliable connectivity or will you need synchronization. Do you need barcode scanning, remote digital signature capture, real-time image capture and annotation, bluetooth device integration, GPS location awareness, or any one of a myriad of other potential needs. We have dealt with all of these and more.

We have deployed countless systems to iPads and iPhones using FileMaker Go, but equally importantly we have used other development tools to deploy solutions to other devices. Android devices, to windows mobile and to the tables and devices. From the new Microsoft Surface devices to older system with less robust capabilities, there is a solution for each device, and like so many other instances, it is about building a solution that takes the entire deployment landscape into consideration.

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FileMaker Mobile Development