FileMaker Integration Service

Every system works in a landscape for data and workflow and we have grown accustomed to being a good systems neighbor. FileMaker has for years been the tool that was a better partner than it’s peers and has enjoyed great success because of that very fact. It may be a part of it’s cross platform nature (it has worked equally well on both Windows and Macintosh it’s entire existence) or it may be just because FIleMaker Inc knows how important it is to be a good IT partner, but FileMaker is certainly the right job for a development project in a field of isolated players.
Very often we have been able to get 2, 3 or even 4 separate system to communicate with each other by providing the middleware to allow them all to communicate through. We have gotten web and in house tools to share data, we have gotten desktop publishing tools and web stores communicating and we have integrate accounting systems with production. In a software world where all too many project are about circumventing the blockades, it’s nice to work with a platform where it’s more about possibilities.