FileMaker Products

We at Cleveland Consulting have been developing products for years, and while all of us have worked in many different platforms, we find developing products for the Filemaker community particularly rewarding.

FileMaker is all about innovation at the level of the user and so all our tools are sold completely unlocked so you can take our products and use them to expand your own development efforts. We want to build tools that the community can use to further their own work and our products always strive to push the boundaries of what folks are doing with FileMaker Pro.

We at Cleveland Consulting believe that FileMaker is the software version of the maker movement that has become so popular of late. It empowers users to build tools for themselves and we love being a part of that innovation.

All our products work with and are designed to be used with the latest version of FileMaker and work equally well on Mac, Windows and iOS.

Our newest product ccBegin is found here

Below are our other products, click the links to learn more about each:

FileMaker NonProfit
ccTimer for FileMaker