FileMaker Web Publishing Service

Web development is really best seen as a deployment issue rather than a development one. You want a partner who can deploy to any platform you need, be it Desktop or laptop, and with any environment you have. Sometimes that toolset does not include a client application or a consistent connection to the server where the data is stored, and in those cases deploying to a web browser can be a great solution. We have both the skill to build a solution to deploy anywhere but also the wisdom and experience to help you craft a deployment strategy that addresses your needs and short and long term goals. We have the ability to use FileMaker as the web server deploying a simple solution with Web Direct and the skills to take that deployment to the next level building a custom PHP web site fully integrated with FileMaker. As your needs grow we also have the ability to move your interface into a full blown web application working on it’s own, yet still fully integrated with your Filemaker and other solutions.