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Cleveland Consulting chose FileMaker Pro because it is a rock solid database platform with deep market penetration and staying power. FileMaker, Inc. is the database software subsidiary of Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) and has been profitable every quarter (20 quarters to date) since it was formed in 1998. With nearly 8 million units of software shipped, FileMaker is among the most widely used business software on any platform; FileMaker shipped 1.2 million units of software in 2001 alone, of which 81 percent were part of volume licenses.

Cleveland Consulting’s own clients represent a wide variety of companies crossing all industry and size boundaries. They have developed project management systems for financial institutions like Bank One and quality management systems in the pharmaceutical industry for Eli Lilly. They have created process management systems for the graphics industry, for manufacturing firms, and the educational organizations. While every customer is unique, all of Cleveland Consulting’s customers do have one thing in common; they all seek to innovate within their industries.

Interactive Solutions That Deliver

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Sometimes, you don’t need a full custom software project, but you still can’t find a simple, affordable solution. When you work with Cleveland Consulting, you get only what you need, even if it’s just making modifications to your existing software or mentoring key personnel in advanced FileMaker Pro functionality.

That’s the value Cleveland Consulting brings to the table. You’re treated like a partner, not a sale. The goal is to deliver the perfect solution in a timely manner so you can move on to other important business matters.

The knowledge of Cleveland Consulting’s software developers has been shaped by decades of experience and the wisdom that comes from being deeply invested in an ever-changing industry. That wisdom provides you with exceptional innovation and imaginative solutions, such as pre-packaged custom software that can help drive your project forward efficiently.

What Can We Help You With?

Here are a few services we offer.

Upgrade FileMaker

Make sure you are getting all the upgrades you need and are getting the best price possible.

FileMaker Migration

It is important to consider 4 points when migrating and each takes a particular skill and plan for managing as seamlessly as possible.

FileMaker Integration

It’s nice to work with a platform where it’s more about possibilities.

Database Development

Development is the core of what we do.

FileMaker Web Direct

We have the ability to use FileMaker as the web server deploying a simple solution with Web Direct and the skills to take that deployment to the next level building a custom PHP web site fully integrated with FileMaker.

FileMaker Go

When designing a solution for a mobile workforce you have to consider not only the device it is used on, but what the environment it will be used in is.

Need Something More Customized?

We also offer custom FileMaker plugins and business solutions.

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