ccBegin – Original Edition

We are proud to make available to you the first and most flexible starter solution, ccBegin – Original Edition.ccBegin – Original Edition

It leverages all aspects of our product strategy and is built to be a great launch-pad for any project.



Like all of our solutions it comes with a flexible interface, dynamic navigation, easy user management, and elegant graphing. This particular solution is also founded in the principle that some systems need to start with just the basics, done flawlessly, with nothing unnecessary.

We have included a robust customer and company section, giving you the ability to track your customers (or members, or partners, or whatever you refer to those people and organizations you need to keep close track of).

There is also a powerful invoicing section for tracking all the work done, and what revenue you generate with it. This can be used for simple time based invoicing, ad-hoc product sales or any other financial transaction you need to keep track of.

There is also a time clock for keeping track of staff time in a simple way, cleanly stored so you can integrate it with whatever payroll pro time management system you have or wish to build.

Buy it now, or watch the below video for a quick overview of all the features.

If you want more information, have questions, or want to talk about how we are ready to help you get your new starter system up and running you can call us (614) 252-2284 or email us at and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.


Features in ccBegin – Original Edition

  • A completely unlocked file structure for complete control
  • Professional, flexible industry standard interface
  • Robust user management
  • Multiple home screen options
  • Contact management with robust notes
  • Organization management with any number of related contacts
  • Powerful, flexible invoicing
  • Complete, flexible time clock
  • Simple flexible shipment tracking per invoice
  • Professional setup assistance available
  • Long term support available under either a contract or per event plan

The ccBegin starter solution provided by Cleveland Consulting was the perfect fit for us. I have looked at almost every starter solution out there, both free and paid, and theirs was the perfect set of features for us.
So many starter solutions try to include everything and you have to turn off half of it or they only have one feature but no underlying architecture to really help a project get started. Their solution and the help from the team at Cleveland Consulting put me months ahead of where I could have been if I had started from scratch myself.

David Schilling - Wilson Tennis Camps

It’s great to be able to use a starter solution that includes just the right amount of features. Great design that gets out of the way and a feature set where I can use everything included.

David S

ccBegin – Original Edition

An elegantly built starter solution for FileMaker 16 focused on Customers, Staff, Time Clock and Invoicing.