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About Us

Cleveland Consulting, Inc. is a Platinum level FileMaker Pro development firm based in Ohio that has helped organizations at all levels develop innovative solutions, using FileMaker Pro and a host of related technologies. We believe that the latest trends in software development allow for a blend of innovation and elegance, creating solutions that not only integrate with your organization seamlessly, but are built for the shifting needs of organizations that are constantly evolving.

We give you the best, all the time, every time.

Cleveland Consulting gives you its best, all the time, every time. Our founder Court Bowman says: “We can hardly call ourselves true partners with our clients if our best people don’t get directly involved in every project.” So the most senior staff members design every project. You get access to some of the most proficient, efficient and productive software developers in the world.

Investing in projects this way reduces Cleveland Consulting’s overall project count, but it increases the quality of every project. Software development teams work closely with you to learn your business and understand your needs. It’s a process designed to develop custom software that’s exactly what you need in a way that works specifically for you.

Technology that saves you time and money

The right technology can save you time and money. It can make your life easier, your job simpler and your company more successful. But you need the right technology delivered on time, at the right time and supported all the time. When you can’t settle for an off-the-shelf solution, you need experts (that’s plural) to help your company grow.

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