New Report added to CC NonProfit; Help updated

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A new report has been added to CC NonProfit to give organizations a way to give donors a periodic report on their donations. The report, called “Donations by Contact by Date Range” lets an organization print individual reports for its donors. This might be used to send an annual donation statement which donors could use in preparing their tax returns. Or it could be used as a monthly reminder of a person’s donations for the organization’s fiscal year compared with that person’s pledged amount.

To help organizations create their own reports in CC NonProfit a new section has been added to the Help materials, providing guidance for building new layouts and creating the new scripts which will be needed to integrate the reports into their system. This is found at

In addition, a section on Importing Data into CC NonProfit has been added to the Help pages. It can be challenging adding data from one system into a database using a different system. This can be especially true when importing data from a flat system, such as an Excel spreadsheet, into a relational database such as CC NonProfit. These Help pages describe the table structure for the Contacts section of CC NonProfit, and offer some guidance for successfully importing spreadsheet contact information. See

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