ccNonProfit for FileMaker Pro

An easy to use software management solution for any size non-profit organization.

ccNonProfit will run in either FileMaker Pro 12 & 13 or FileMaker Pro 11, and users are given the option of downloading one or both versions upon purchase. It is also fully FileMaker Go compliant, and has some custom screens built for use on the iPad.

ccNoProfit is easy to set up and use. We have integrated all of the key features that a non-profit should need to manage the functions of its mission, while leaving room for growth for those organizations that would like to customize the product for their own use.

New in Version 2.2

The most significant changes allow you to add a group of contacts to a new or existing Contact List, on the fly. Once you have found a group of contacts or a group of donations, you can add those contacts to a Contact List from either the Contact or the Donations detail screen.

You can also now add the members of one Contact List to another new or existing List. This is particularly useful for building a master list from smaller lists, or for creating a new list that is very similar to an existing list.

A Primary Contact option has been added to Group Contacts.

New fields have been added to the letter-building screen in the Correspondence section. You can now add the Primary Contact, Donation Amount, and Donation Date to the letter templates.
There is currently a Standard and a Free version. The table shows a comparison of the features between these two versions:

Free Standard
Fully Unlocked FileMaker system  small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352  small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352
Fully FileMaker Go compliant, with some custom screens built for use on the iPad  small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352  small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352
Multiple addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, URLs possible for each contact  small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352  small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352
Google Maps display for each address  small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352  small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352
Multiple relationships can be made between any individuals and groups  small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352  small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352
Donations, linked to Contact, Account, and Event  small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352  small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352
Events, linked to Donations, People attending, and Tasks  small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352 small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352
Tasks, linked to Contacts and/or Events small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352 small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352
Pre-defined reports for donations or contacts sorted in many ways  small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352 small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352
Extensive online help for all aspects of the program  small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352 small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352
Change Log for any changes to donation amount, as an internal control small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352
Pledges small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352
Publications small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352
The option to print envelopes or address labels when sending out correspondence small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352
Donations linked to pledges and/or publications small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352
Donations by Contact by Date Range report small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352
Add group of contacts to new or existing Contact List, on the fly small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352
Add members of one List to new or existing Lists to create Master Lists small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352
Report on Donations Change Log entries small-green-check-mark1-e1385722706352
Download Buy

Single user pricing starts at just $249.00 and the solution is available for immediate purchase and download in our online store.

When you purchase CC NonProfit you will have the choice of downloading one of three editions:

  • The Standard Edition, which is fully unlocked, and requires either FileMaker Pro 11 or 12, either standard, Advanced, or Go;
  • A Run-time version for the Mac, which does not require FileMaker Pro (Single user only), or;
  • A Run-time version for Windows, which does not require FileMaker Pro (Single user only).

If you want more information, check out our full online help or you can email us at and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have. You can also call us at (614) 252-2284 or 1-800-595-7407. We can also help you with deployment, implementation, or integrating CC NonProfit into your workflow or existing solutions.

We also do not want price to be a burden for any organization, so if you are unable to pay the price listed for CC NonProfit, please contact us and we will work with you to get the product to you at a price that continues to let you do the great work you set out to do.