CCPivot 2 Just released!

We're super proud to announce the release of CCPivot 2!


It has tons of new features and we'll release some walkthrough videos over the next fees weeks highlighting some of the features we're most proud of.

For now, hop on over to the product page or store and check it out!

Court Bowman

Author Court Bowman

Court Bowman has been working with in the IT field his whole life, working as a network engineer, database developer in Oracle and Progress and as a IT director for several firms. He has been working with FileMaker Pro since version 2 and has been a reoccurring speaker at the FileMaker developer conference. Apart from his expertise in FileMaker Pro he has experience in system architecture and design, data modeling and database architecture. He also has years of experience as a process and workflow consultant and has helped with the design and deployment of hundreds of systems in FileMaker and on the web.

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  • Guest says:

    When do you plan to post the Help file for v2? The product page for CCP2 links to the v1.1 Help, which lists system requirements as min FMP11, but I think CCP2 is FMP12. Please add system requirements to the product page…?

  • Court Bowman says:

    Sorry for your trouble, you were right, there was one lingering link in the product page, but the v2 help is all up and ready for use.

    Sorry for the lingering link to the first version of Pivot on the product page.

  • Brenda Wendling says:

    Is there a Java issue with CCPivot2 when updating Java to update 25? When I did that, I could not open FileMaker. I had to revert back to Java 7 update 21 to make it work. Does CCPivot2 use Java?

    • Anonymous says:

      The plugin for CCPivot2 does use Java. We are currently in the process of updating it to be compatible with Java 7 update 25. I apologize for the difficulty you had! When our update is completed, we’ll send out the updated version of the plugin.

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