ccBegin: Contacts

ccBegin: An In Depth Walk Through of Contacts


Here is the second video of our latest starter solution, ccBegin. The last video showed a broad overview of ccBegin as a whole. In this video we go in depth to show you a more detailed view of what you can do with contacts inside ccBegin.

Using some sample data, we walk you through the in’s and out’s of using contacts in ccBegin. Starting with something as simple as multiple ways to access contacts, then moving through notes, and even sending emails to each contacts. A simple solution with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

And right now, as part of the release, it is on sale. Normally priced at $1,199 it is on sale for a limited time for just $899 about 30% off the regular price.

Check out the feature list and watch the video. If any questions, you can reach our team at

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