Bug Squashing… or A Plugin Update for CC Pivot

Bugs, what bugs?

Software bugs are called bugs for a reason – they’re small and hard to find! So we’ve been spending a little time doing some search and destroy here at CCI. We recently uncovered a bug in the plugin for our FileMaker reporting tool, CC Pivot. It produced an error in CC Pivot when the data being reported on had extraneous return characters. Fortunately, our crack team was able to quickly diagnose and solve the problem! CC Pivot (Full & Free) has been updated, so rest assured, this bug has been eliminated from our product lineup.

Updating Your Solution

If you’ve purchased CC Pivot, we’ve sent out an email with instructions on how to install the update (it’s pretty easy!). You can see the instructions here. If you’re not sure that you have the latest version, open the preferences in FileMaker and look at the CC Pivot plugin. The newly updated version is 1.043, if you’re using 1.042 or earlier, then it’s time to update. If you’ve purchased CC Pivot and did not receive an email about the update, just send us an email with your email address and/or order number from your purchase to support@clevelandconsulting.com and we’ll send the instructions on how to download the update right away!

Court Bowman

Author Court Bowman

Court Bowman has been working with in the IT field his whole life, working as a network engineer, database developer in Oracle and Progress and as a IT director for several firms. He has been working with FileMaker Pro since version 2 and has been a reoccurring speaker at the FileMaker developer conference. Apart from his expertise in FileMaker Pro he has experience in system architecture and design, data modeling and database architecture. He also has years of experience as a process and workflow consultant and has helped with the design and deployment of hundreds of systems in FileMaker and on the web.

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